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6.1-6 Ease is always the desire of man. The use of the Hebrew word (shaanan) here has to do with being secure. Amos let them know they think they are secure and have life lined up perfectly. These people had put the evil day far into the future and out of their mind. They were laying upon beds of ivory and eating rich food without a care in the world. Everything was perfectly in order. They chanted to the sound of the viol like David, meaning their music was the best. David’s music was inspired by God and brought people into fellowship with God, whereas this music was excellent and flawless, but was sensual and carnal. God was not a part of their music. They were in their bathes and using their oils while unconcerned about the world around them. This attitude is similar to the well known refrain “Nero fiddled while Rome burned”. They were so sated by opulence they were unaware their world was crashing down around them. The reason? The affliction of Joseph (can also mean adding). These socialites had continued to add more and more selfish misuse on the poor. The result? The result was to be captivity.

6.7-14 the captivity. The Lord continues to present His case against these pseudo-religious socialites. God documents His case completely. God abhors the excellency (arrogancy), of Jacob. Pride is always a stink in the nostrils of God, and never more so than at this moment. God delivers the entire city to destruction. A man’s uncle (hebrew~dod), lover, friend, family member, will betray them to the captors. Every house will fall, the great houses and also the small houses. God’s anger is all consuming. Amos the country preacher illustrates with metaphors from his rural life. Shall horses run upon the rock? He illustrates the judgment, or verdict, has been turned into poison. The promise from God is a nation is coming that will afflict you from Syria to Egypt. These wealthy patrons of ease had trusted in their own resources and now their resources will not suffice to deliver them. Riches never deliver in the day of death and judgment
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