Michtam: The Hidden Secrets of David Thursday, May 17 2018 

Psalm 16 and Psalm 56 have a subscription above the text as a Michtam psalm.

The Michtam psalm means engraving. It is as though it is engraved on David’s mind and heart. The secondary meaning is a hidden secret.

David is showing us his hidden secret of how to deal with being attacked and persecuted by those around him.

His secret? Make God your sole and single purpose and this will bring happiness, salvation, and fullness of joy.

This psalm is followed by a prayer psalm, psalm 17. There are only five of these prayer psalms (17.1, 86.1, 90.1, 92.1, and 142.1).

David’s secret to survival? Make God your sole and single purpose in life. Engrave it on your mind. And then, go pray.

It worked for David and it will work for us.

Thanks for reading today…..

ECC 2018 Wednesday, May 2 2018 

ECC 2018


The word conjures vast distances and millions of souls.

In the city of St Petersburg, Russia on April 19-22 the first EuroAsia Missions Conference was held at the Park Inn by Radisson, Pribaltiyskaya.

It was an advance thrust to launch a new wave of revival in Eurasia. Hosted by Missionary Traylor (Russia) and Missionary Shell (Germany), it was a resounding success. The meeting had pastors, evangelists, gospel workers, and of course missionaries, from Asia, Europe and America.

It was held at the beautiful Park Hotel and the amenities were excellent. Missionary Traylor and Missionary Shell proved to be outstanding tour guides as well. Featured speakers were Rev Tim Joiner, Rev Sylvester Narlock and Rev Kenneth Bow.

Each session was anointed and especially blessed by the presence of prayer, worship and Word.

The plans are being formed to host the second annual conference on May 1-3, 2019. It will again be held at St Petersburg, Russia.

Blessings await those who would step out and attend this event in 2019.