It happened yesterday in Alabama… Monday, Jul 25 2011 

Yesterday in Alabama a wonderful happened that I wanted to share with you.

Pastor Chris Teeples told me of this sign/miracle this morning.

They have had a man with Jewish heritage visit their church once a month while he travels.

This man has come several times.

This gentleman says that he is of the linage of the tribe of Levi.

Yesterday he visited, and while the church was praying, this man began to hear someone in Alabama speak rapid, fluent Japanese.

He was startled because he is fluent in Japanese along with some other languages as well.

This Jewish man has attended several times and Pastor Teeples has taught that Jesus is the true messiah and that Jesus is God!

So here is the picture…This Jewish man, well traveled, visits a country church in rural Alabama, and there the great God of heaven speaks to him in a way that he cannot deny.

He hears in very rapid, fluent Japanese, “Turn to the right path and get in the center of the path.  This is the light”.

He was amazed and thought for sure they were trying to trick him.

The problem is no one in that church speaks Japanese.  They were speaking in tongues!

So for all those who think signs and wonders were only for those in the Bible days,  here is a modern day, current, sign and wonder!

Thanks for reading today!

The Bible Saturday, Jul 23 2011 

My studies of the Bible

About ten years ago I tried something new. For over twenty years I read the Bible through each year cover to cover. It was my goal, I felt I needed to do that. I still believe in that.

That year many years ago I decided to try and just truly understand one book.. I sought to know the author, the structure, the content, it’s relativity. I began with the book of John as it was and still is my favorite book in the Bible for a number of reasons.

So I spent the entire year just on John, nothing else. That year changed my life. For the first time I felt like I was understanding not just the words on a page, but the complete picture. I felt like I saw for the first time the purpose of that book in the holy scriptures. I was hooked! Thus began a journey I am still on today!

Next I went to Matthew and spent a year and a half. Then Luke, two and a half years of my life, very difficult for me. I moved to Mark for a year. I have continued to focus on the Bible and it’s books. Acts ( Paul’s journeys), Genesis, Job, then I went to the Prophets. Then the 400 silent years, and the Hasmoneans and Herods.

Currently I am trying very hard to understand the Kings.

There are 42 of them and one queen. I have sought to know these men. Who were their contemporaries, their enemies, the times they lived. It is hard for me and slow work but rewarding at the same time.

Especially hard because their years are denoted differently. Judah reckons her years beginning in the fall and Israel reckons her years beginning in the spring, so you have to go slow, make charts and timelines. At least I have to do that.

I have also attempted to do character studies. David of course, but also Solomon, Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Josiah. I have tried to weave their lives into the complete picture.

Only the mind of God could write a book so inter-connected.

Can I tell you today that the Bible is the most fascinating book in the world! Please stop reading it out of duty and guilt and obligation and discover it’s tapestry and grandeur.

It will take you to remote places and introduce you to some of the greatest individuals in history. You will go to lonely Petra and busy Jerusalem. You will walk the capitals of the ancient world, and meet the giants of history. You will experience the pantheon of human emotions. You will laugh and cry and grow angry.

You will walk the market place, see idol shrines, observe the most tragic decisions of moronic men, and experience the most intense, sublime moments of your life.

You will hear the thunder of a prophet’s angry voice as he condemns kings, and then hear the love song of lovers as they speak of each other.

You will see hundreds of thousands led into slavery, and then see 42,000 return to the land they had violently been driven from 70 years before.

You will read with bated breath as the suspense unfolds and God steps on the scene at the last second to do the unthinkable. All that, in the book called the Bible. It is waiting for you to pick it up, spend time, meditate, explore, laugh, weep, grind your teeth in frustration, and get better acquainted with your God.

Please do yourself a favor and spend time with it.

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The Ten Commandments Tuesday, Jul 12 2011 

Ten Commandments

400 years of slavery had ended with the glorious exodus and the crossing of the

red sea.  Now the challenge was a new fledging nation with an inexperienced

leader contending with a crowd of several million unhappy people.

In a wilderness like desert, without water or food, Moses had to lead several

million people to the Promised Land.  The task was enormous.  God provided Moses

with his greatest need, the need of government for this rabble.  Moses left to

go up the mountain for 40 days, and when he returned, he had in his hand the

foundation for every western civilization from that moment forward.

Every nation in western civilization has based their government on the Ten

Commandments.  It is the basis of the law for all people in the west for the

last 3500 years.

How much has the Ten Commandments influenced western civilization?  It is, and

has been, the bedrock of every single government, whether monarchy, democracy,

or theocracy.

The Ten Commandments represent the two great relationships in man’s world.

First, they represent the relationship man has toward God.  This is in

commandments 1-4.  Secondly, they represent man’s relationship toward his fellow

man.  This would be in commandments 5-10.

The first four commandments are about man toward God.  Thou shalt have no other

Gods, not take His name in vain, not make a graven image, and keep the Sabbath.

These are about how man is to interact toward his God.

The second six commandments are all about how to exist with our fellow man.

Thou shalt not steal, kill, commit adultery, lie, bear false witness, or covet.

Each of these commandments helps us survive with others and provide the concept

of personal ownership.

This second division is the basis for virtually every law on the books in the

United States.

Jesus himself provided this division for us.  When challenged by the Pharisees,

which was the first and greatest commandment, Jesus gave this reply.  He told

them that the first and greatest was hear O Israel the Lord our God is one.  He

then said the second is like unto it; thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

To love God and to love our fellow man is the basis for the Ten Commandments.

It provides the foundation for all man’s relationships.

The Devil knows how important these Ten Commandments are, so he is trying

desperately to remove them from American society at any cost.

Our founding fathers knew their value, so they etched them in stone on the

Supreme Court building in our nation’s capital.

May the church ever be vigilant to defend the Ten Commandments!  When these Ten

Commandments perish, the foundation of America will erode and all will be lost.

God help us to love and protect the Ten Commandments.