Two words

Have you ever said “If only”?

If only I had not said that
If only I had not done that
If only I had saved that money
If only I had married the other one
If only I had not stopped at the store
If only I would have said I love you one more time
If only I had tried harder
If only I had been a better parent, or spouse, or….
If only, if only, if only

One psychologist said these are the two saddest words of the human language. They trap you in failure. If you allow them you will live the rest of your life repeating them.

To avoid this self imposed bondage may I suggest two different words.

Next time!

Next time I will use better judgment
Next time I will be more responsible
Next time I will try harder
Next time I will pray about it
Next time I will wait on God
Next time I will be slower to speak

For you see folks, “If only” focuses on past failures and sentences us to a lifetime of regret.

“Next time” turns our attention to the future and inspires us to try again!