The lion cub.

The man was a Hunter. His father had been a hunter. His grandfather had been a hunter. In fact as far as his lineage could be traced they were all hunters. They lived deep in the jungle. Hunting kept his family alive.

While hunting one day he found it in the forest. He had just killed a large lion and he heard movement behind him. He spun quickly raised his spear ready to defend himself or to kill another animal. Out of the woods came a very small baby lion cub. It was so cute and cuddly he took it home to show his children.

When he went to take it out and kill it the children cried. They begged to let them keep it for just a few days. Against his better judgment he let the little lion cub live. For the next few weeks and months the lion cub played with the kids, it slept with the kids. Dad kept saying but it’s a lion, it’s a lion and lions grow up and become big lions and big lions do what lions do, they kill. The kids and mom kept saying it won’t hurt anything it loves us watch it play with Johnny.

Then one day the little cuddly, soft, fun, lion grew up and it did what all lions do. The lion killed Johnny and everybody cried and said I never thought this would happen. The man said I’ve been telling you it was a lion all these years.

That’s how sin is, it seem so innocent. What can it hurt and then it grows up and it takes your child and you wonder where did I go wrong?

Soccer games, the little unsaved girlfriend next door, kiddie movies all seem so harmless. Cute little things. So cuddly.

You see cute playful lion cubs grow up and become lions. And lions do what all all lions do, they kill people.

But I thought it was so cute, so entertaining, so harmless, I thought it loved my kids.

Don’t feel bad at the lion. It was a lion when It was born, it will always be a lion, and he will always kill because that’s what lions do. Don’t hate the lion when he licks the blood of your child off his claws. You brought a lion in your house and let it live.

They knew it was a lion when they brought it in their grass hut. They killed that lion after it killed their oldest son.

What do lion trainers use with full grown lions? They use whips and chairs. Even though they feed it from a cub, even though they raised it, even though they were cuddled, petted and loved, in the breast of that lion is a nature and that nature is to kill.

Don’t blame the lion when you bring it home and then it grows up and kills your children. You knew it was a lion when you brought it in the house.

Thanks for reading today….