2.3-4 tongues like as of fire. At the Tower of Babel tongues scattered the world’s people into the far corners of the globe. This is the moment tongues assembles those dispersed people back into unity, purpose and direction. As Adam and Eve both spoke their first conversation, so now God is speaking to his new family of the church. The second man Adam is speaking to his bride, the church. Here in Jerusalem at the feast of the first fruits, the first sheaf of the New Covenant was being waved in thanksgiving to the reaping of the world harvest that was beginning. These Jews present had come from all over the world to celebrate the giving of the law on Sinai. On this momentous occasion the law was again being written, but this time it was being written on human hearts rather than stone tablets. It was the fulfillment of the prophecy of Jeremiah promising a new covenant. The paraclete ( the Holy Spirit as advocate or guide), had arrived. 

2.5-13 the assembled nations. These fifteen countries of dispersed Jews represented the whole world being visited by the supernatural creation of the church. In Genesis creation is natural, in Acts creation is spiritual. If we consider the works of Strabo (a Greek geographer, philosopher, and historian who lived in Asia Minor during the transitional period of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire), we can easily see this list represents a bird’s eye view of the Roman Empire. These fifteen nations represent the old Parthian kingdom, the old territory of the Medes, and the Persians. The Greek speaking nations of the empire are not listed, as the tongues would not have impacted them for they spoke Greek already. It is notable that verse five clearly states, these were people from every nation under heaven. The tongues ushered in by the mighty wind gathered the dispersed from around the globe and introduced them to the spiritual creation of God, the church. The second creation had occurred and it was good. 
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