How to stand in a slippery place. Saturday, Dec 6 2014 

How to stand in a slippery place.

There are some keys to living for God.

For example, here is a simple short checklist to ask yourself.

What do you listen to? Gospel music or worldly music?
What is your hobby? Games?
What do you read?
How do you spend spare time?

How is your prayer life?
Do you fast? When? ( Emergency only?)
Do you build spiritual resistance and muscle?

Do you think about heaven or the world?
Who are your friends?
When you come to church do you give it your best?
Who is your best friend?
Are there any secrets in your life you are hiding?
Is there secret sin in your life?
Are you consistent or up and down?

You stand in a slippery place by:
Being consistent,
Removing secret sin,
Make godly people your friends,
Giving your best at church,
Thinking about heaven and God,
Fasting and praying,
Using your spare time for godly things instead of carnal things,
Reading good things,
Listening to encouraging music about God and salvation.

So many people won’t pray, listen to worldly music, read worldly books, run with sinners, spend hours on you tube or social media, and then wonder why living for God is a struggle?

Who do you feed, your flesh or your spiritual man?

When you develop good spiritual habits you will stand in a slippery place!

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The Abraham factor… Thursday, Aug 21 2014 

Abraham is the father of three world religions. How much more can one life contribute to planet earth?

Abraham is considered the father of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. This encompasses much of the population of earth. Geographically it is quite a large area covered by these three religions. I would imagine most countries of the world are affected by at least one or more of these religions.

I had a discussion with a young pastor on the east coast and he contributed an interesting observation.

Pastor Bart Adkins of High Point, North Carolina is one of the brilliant young Apostolics of this generation. He is also a talented musician, singer and speaker. He made this observation:

“I had a conversation with dad one day musing on the thought that God has
attempted to make himself known to all the peoples of the Earth. It is
interesting to me in thinking about Judaism, Islam, and Christianity,
specifically, as though each one almost displays a particular aspect of God’s
character. The Jews had His law and Word, to a science. The Muslims have His War
and Judgement. The Christians have seen the revelation of His Grace and Mercy.”

Thank you Pastor Adkins for that keen insight.

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Modern Day Matriarch Monday, Dec 9 2013 

In the long history of the Bible there is only one woman whose life is chronicled, and her age is given. Only one. Maybe that is why you should never ask a woman her age 🙂 It is a Bible thing!

It was not Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist. It was not even Mary, the mother of Jesus. It was Sarah. The only woman in the Bible whose age is given is Sarah. Why? I submit it is because she was a/the matriarch!

A matriarch is a venerable old woman. A woman of great age, impressive dignity, and worthy of reverence.

When a woman is a matriarch she rises above the average. She imprints her life on others. She instills her spirit in others.

When a woman is a matriarch, she leaves behind things ordinary women jettison at the grave.

In many ways matriarchs never die. They live in hearts, minds, and memories forever.

Saturday, December 7, 2013, I attended the home going service of a matriarch. Her name is Ruth Luke. She is the mother of my neighboring pastor Mike Luke.

As I sat in the service listening to the impact she left on so many, my mind went back over half a century.

I was about 5 or 6 years old. I was a very battered, mistreated child who was angry and mean. The people of the neighborhood where my grandmother lived asked her to not allow me to go to their houses. In those days kids played late in the neighborhood until after dark.

I was very mean. I poked the neighbor’s pets with sticks and threw rocks at passing cars.

I was a child pariah.

Across the street from my grandmother’s house on Mark street in Arvin, California, in the 1950’s lived a nice woman. In fact she was the only woman in the entire neighborhood who was ever nice to me.

While others watched to make sure I would not visit their property, she watched to see when I was standing out on the sidewalk looking at her house. She even gave cookies to that childish bundle of anger and hate.

55 years later I went down memory land and thought how crazy life is. The last 15 years of her life I was privileged to spend many times around her talking about “Mark street” many years ago.

Like her namesake in the Bible, Ruth Luke is an amazing woman. She is a modern day matriarch.

She being dead yet speaketh.

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Northwest Apostolic Churches Youth Formal Saturday, May 29 2010 

Departing view of Seattle

Friday May 28, 2010, 175 Apostolic youth and Pastors boarded the boat for the second annual Youth Formal on the Puget Sound.

This annual event has been held for the last few years, and for the first time last year it was held on a Harbor Dinner tour boat.

We gathered and boarded the boat at 7pm, and cast off.  There were 11 churches represented by the 175 people on board.

It was again a great night and great food.  The young people seem to love this event and the chance to dress formally and take a date.

There is no program, just dinner and fellowship.

Kenneth Bow and FPC youth leader Dustin Clanton

Kenneth Bow and Preston and Cameron Reese, sons of Vaughn Reese and grandsons of Bill Burgess

The dinner cruise lasted about 2 hours.  We left at 8pm and returned to dock at 10pm.

Seattle as we returned.

It was a beautiful night.  Our young people do not go to the prom in their high schools.  We want to provide them with a night of their own with other young people that love God.

As we were leaving, I was standing on the sidewalk waiting for the Valet parking and a street bum stumbled up to me.  He was dirty, unshaved, and all eyes.  He was staring open mouthed at 175 people in tuxedos and formal dresses.  I could smell the alcohol on his breath.  He looked at me and slurred…..

“Did I miss the Academy Awards or sumpin?”

As I chuckled to myself I thought no sir, these people are the real award winners!

These young people are striving to win the ultimate award,

“Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord.”

Good job Northwest Apostolic Youth….see ya next year on the boat!

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Apostolic Truth Tabernacle 13th Anniversary, Greensburg Indiana Saturday, May 22 2010 

Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Greensburg, Indiana

Friday night May 21, 2010 Pastor Jeff Sangl and congregation celebrates their 13th anniversary in Greensburg Indiana.

View of the congregation.

Friday night was an outstanding service with many visiting ministers in attendance.  There were ministers from the home state of Indiana, and surrounding states as well.  The ATT choir sang a dynamic number and the one and only Timothy Spell brought the house down as usual!

Some of the visiting ministers.

Friday night speaker was Rev. Kevin Archer from Cooper City, Florida.  Rev. Archer preached an incredible message entitled “Possession Mentality.”  He challenged us all to have the attitude of a Caleb who was the only one to drive all the inhabitants out of his promised possession!

Kevin Archer

We came back on Saturday and were blessed by several outstanding songs.  Rusty Adkins and John Wyant sang the song they first sang years ago at the first anniversary.  Rusty Adkins did an incredible job on the song “I want to see heaven”.  Tim Spell sang “Heartbreak Ridge” with Bryan and Carissa Tanton.  Then Spell also sang a beautiful song with Carissa entitled “All you need”, written by Christy Ballestero.

The choir again did an outstanding job.

The message was delivered by Rev. Garry Streeval.  His subject was “I’m coming out of this”.  He began with the colorful and interesting story of Macy’s Department store.  How the founder rebounded from a tragic fire and rebuilt after fire destroyed his work.  Streeval preached from the fifteeneth chapter of Luke using the story of the prodical son.  It was truly outstanding, needed, and unforgettable.

Garry Streeval

The church honored their pastor and wife with a love offering during the Saturday service.

Pastor and Sister Sangl being honored by their congregation.

Sunday morning service will be Rev. Timothy Spell preaching, and Sunday evening service at 4pm will again be Rev. Kevin Archer.

Congratulations to Rev. Sangl and the congregation of Apostolic Truth Tabernacle for 13 years!

God bless you.

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Noblesville Indiana New Church Sunday, Apr 25 2010 

New Church in Noblesville Indiana nears completion

Calvary Apostolic Church, pastored by Garry Streeval is nearing completion of their new church. The church has a total of approximately 23,000 square feet.  It is on a new location near the growing areas of Noblesville.  Noblesville is located in one of the fastest growing counties of the United States.

It has been a dream come true for Pastor and Mrs Streeval, after 35 years in Noblesville.

The Streevals came to Noblesville March 7, 1975 and started having church in a converted garage.  Their only member was their young daughter Beth.  The last 35 years have seen constant, careful, consistent growth.  Today there is a growing thriving congregation in this city just north of Indianapolis.

Dedication of the new church is tentatively set for July 30th.

View of auditorium from the baptistry.

View from the balcony.

Main entrance foyer.

Main entrance, with beautiful chandelier (Pastor Streeval and Rev Garrett)

Basement: fellowship hall.

As I post these pictures I realize they do not do the building justice.  My recommendation is to come and celebrate their joy on July 30th, and see the beauty of this church for yourself!

Congratulations Pastor Streeval and congregation!

Is Pride Always A Sin? Thursday, Apr 22 2010 

FPC singers and musicians at the fairgrounds. They took second place 🙂

Is Pride Always A Sin?

Most of us, if not all of us, are aware that pride is a sin and God hates it! I am just wondering today if there is ever a time it is not a sin?

Last week our church sang at the fairground in a gospel singing.  There were ten groups chosen from the area to sing and we were one of the ten chosen.

The audience then sent in a text message to vote for who they thought won the event as the best group.  Our church group placed second.

I guess I need to repent, because I was very proud of them.  That nasty old pride sticking it’s head up!

I was off in Arkansas at another meeting and they went and did a wonderful job representing traditional Pentecostal singing.

Here is the newspaper report….

For many churches, music is a reflection of the way they worship. That holds true for First Pentecostal Church of Puget Sound in Lake Tapps, which sent a 20-member choral and instrumental performance group to The Spring Fair.

“We feel like music is an expression of faith itself,” said Kenneth Bow, the church’s senior pastor. “Music is the medium throughout the ages that God has used to reach people, whether it’s gospel or traditional or contemporary.”

Pastor Bow, who has been at First Pentecostal since 1999, said the majority of his church’s musicians have been performing together all that time. They practice for 45 minutes every Sunday and seem to have a smaller learning curve because they’re so familiar with each other, he said.

The First Pentecostal group features saxophones, clarinets, trumpets, keyboards, guitars and percussion to complement its singers. They offered a diverse selection of three songs at The Spring Fair, ranging from a cover of “Say So” by contemporary Christian group Free Chapel to a medley by Ron Kenoly, a widely-known evangelist who specializes in soul and rhythm and blues.

First Pentecostal is a traditional Pentecostal church that uses “exuberant worship” as its focal point, meaning heartfelt music, raised hands and outstretched voices are part of the typical service.

“It’s a vocal expression rather than a meditative environment,” the pastor explained. “The Pentecostal service is going to be an out-loud expression of your feelings. It’s more of an expressive faith than a reflective faith.”

I hope there are times you can be proud of something and not sin! 🙂

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