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Jaime's Journey

It’s all about me! Sounds kinda arrogant to read or say, yet many of us tend to make every situation personal in one way or another. Rather, the truth of the matter would tend to be most situations are less about how we are affected and more about a non-deliberate, albeit selfish, thought process of others. Let me explain!

Few people wake up in the morning thinking, “How can I make Jaime miserable today” or “I think I will assume the worst of (fill in name)!”
Generally speaking, people are just too wrapped up in their own little world and react without thinking of the consequences of their actions or the affect they may have on the people around them. I personally believe there are far more good-hearted people who would not intentionally want to hurt their loved ones or cause them grief. The few truly cold-hearted are also reacting…

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