Ray Kroc founded McDonald’s when he was 52 years old.

After trying for two years and talking to more than one hundred people to raise the money, he started the hamburger chain.

One of the men he asked to invest was Tom Seay. Ray Kroc came to Tom Seay’s office and offered Tom thirty percent of the new company for $100,000.00.

It was a Friday afternoon and Tom was busy. He said he would take the business plan home over the weekend and take a look at it.

Tom considered it a “crazy plan”.

Monday morning rolled around and when Tom got to his office, Ray Kroc was waiting for him at the front door.

Tom invited him in and said, “Ray, I read this plan three times; even shared it with a friend. And we both decided that there’s no way in the world you can make any money selling hamburgers”.

Ray had a dream.

Dreams are free and just having them makes life worth living.

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