In the Book of Revelation we are informed that the false religion, Babylon, rests upon seven hills.

It seems to me that false religion always imitates true religion.  If this premise is true, then true religion would also rest upon seven hills or mountains.

I am aware this is a premise, but I would like to suggest the seven mountains of true religion.

I see first of all the verse in Psalms that says I will look unto the hills from whence cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord.

At a quick glance many things happened on a mountain in the scriptures.

Jesus was tempted on a mountain, taught on a mountain, prayed on a mountain, was crucified on a mountain, and ascended back to heaven on a mountain.

These are the seven mountains I postulate that true religion sits upon.

1. The mountain of sacrifice, Mt Moriah.  It was here that Abraham offered his only son in type of God offering His only son.  None of us will traverse this journey of life and end up saved without climbing this mountain at some point.  Sacrifice is paramount to true religion!

2. The mountain of learning, Mt Sinai.  On this lonely crag, God handed Moses the Law.  These instructions allow man to have fellowship with God.  We must climb this mountain of learning to be in fellowship with the Eternal One!  We must learn how to be disciples.

3.The mountain of decision, Mt Carmel. There has to be a supreme moment in our lives when we make the decision who God is.  On Carmel the Israelites were brought to the moment of decision.  Each of us must climb this mountain and make the ultimate decision about eternity.

4. The mountain of worship, Mt Zion.  David scaled and conquored this mountain and established it forever as the symbol of God centered praise and worship.  To refuse to climb this mountain is to refuse to acknowledge God’s rightful position in our life.

5. The mountain of dicipleship, Mt of Beatitudes.  All decisions and actions are wasted if we do not channel them into becoming a disciple.  To abort this climb makes you just a church goer, a church member, but not a disciple.  To fail to make this climb forces you to join the throng who will hear the words, “depart from me, I never knew you”.  While stunned voices wail, but I prophiesed in your name, I cast out devils in your name, only true disciples will enter into the celestial city.

6. The mountain of revelation, Mt Horeb. The tallest, hardest climb brings the greatest joy! On Horeb’s lonely summit, Jesus revealed who He was to the stunned apostles!  Now they understood what it meant….”Except you deny yourself and take up your cross and follow me you cannot be my disciple”. On a mountain with three summits, Jesus stands alone!

7. The mountain of salvation, Mt Calvary.  Each of us must climb our mountain of salvation.  Yes it is for whosoever will, but the choice always rests upon the individual act.  Thank God for His provision for our salvation!

What do you say?  Let’s go mountain climbing!

Thanks for reading today.