The story of Oscar.

Born deformed, twisted, a monster. Children of the village were afraid of him. Oscar lived alone by the river. He ate out of the garbage. He roamed the village like an animal. 

One night hearing singing and music Oscar went to the church. The ushers stopped him at the door. He resisted and a scuffle ensued. The pastor said bring him forward. The pastor laid his hand on Oscar. The Pastor felt Oscar begin to rise, taller and taller. Oscar was changing. His twisted limbs were being straightened. His cruel expression was being changing to normal. In a few moments he was whole, normal, free, delivered. 

The next day the missionary came to visit. The pastor told him he had something to show the missionary. They walked to the edge of a steep hillside and looked down at the river below. Far down the mountain was a shanty, a shack, a lean to. The pastor yelled. Out of that wild living place came a man. The man was tall, straight, and normal. The pastor yelled come here and the man ran and stumbled and climbed up the hillside. 

When the pastor introduced Oscar to the missionary, the missionary was shocked. The change was miraculous. It was then Oscar reached in his pocket and pulled out a picture of the old Oscar. It was a photo of him when he was disfigured and horrible. Some one had taken the photo and thrown it away. Oscar had found it in the trash while looking for something to eat. 

With a big Holy Ghost smile Oscar showed what he used to be before he met God.

Thanks for reading today.