How to put a whooping on the devil.

Romans 16.20 And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly~kjv

before you know it the God of peace will come down on Satan with both feet, stomping him into the dirt ~msg version

1. Just go to church. He will give you 27 reasons not to go to church. Too tired, too old, too poor, too beautiful, to ugly, too friendly, too depressed, too sad. No friends, no one likes you, it’s raining, too hot, etc. Everytime you go to church you put a whopping on the devil.

2. Do not get offended. He will try to make you be offended. Offended at the pastor, offended at the song leader, offended at the hostess, offended at the usher, offended at…parking space, chair, too loud, can’t see, can’t hear, Ebola ☺ . So put a whopping on the devil and do not get offended.

3. Give God a little dance. He hates it when you dance with your love. If you don’t want to hurt the Devils feelings be sure and not dance because you’re clothes are to tight or you’re too fat or too skinny, or you are mad at your wife or your husband is a jerk or your kids have been ornery. Your dog has been sick, your kid did not finish homework, your car needs cleaning, you have lousy neighbors. But if you want to put a whopping on the devil, do a little dance.

4. Hang around and talk to good clean godly people. The devil hates that. Go home talk to back sliders or sinners, Facebook, gossip, find some dirt, run someone down….watch YouTube for two hours…get the latest football scores. But if you want to put a whopping on the devil, hang around godly people and fellowship!

5. Go out and fellowship after church and talk about things that build up spiritual character. Man I promise you the devil hates that. Most of all never invite the server to church. They would not like the church. Go home and pout, or kick the dog, get carnal. Drive up and down skid row and see if you can sin a little. Go to a bar or club or drug party…. But if you want to put a whopping on the devil… Go with good people and have good fellowship.

Thanks for reading today.