FPC singers and musicians at the fairgrounds. They took second place 🙂

Is Pride Always A Sin?

Most of us, if not all of us, are aware that pride is a sin and God hates it! I am just wondering today if there is ever a time it is not a sin?

Last week our church sang at the fairground in a gospel singing.  There were ten groups chosen from the area to sing and we were one of the ten chosen.

The audience then sent in a text message to vote for who they thought won the event as the best group.  Our church group placed second.

I guess I need to repent, because I was very proud of them.  That nasty old pride sticking it’s head up!

I was off in Arkansas at another meeting and they went and did a wonderful job representing traditional Pentecostal singing.

Here is the newspaper report….

For many churches, music is a reflection of the way they worship. That holds true for First Pentecostal Church of Puget Sound in Lake Tapps, which sent a 20-member choral and instrumental performance group to The Spring Fair.

“We feel like music is an expression of faith itself,” said Kenneth Bow, the church’s senior pastor. “Music is the medium throughout the ages that God has used to reach people, whether it’s gospel or traditional or contemporary.”

Pastor Bow, who has been at First Pentecostal since 1999, said the majority of his church’s musicians have been performing together all that time. They practice for 45 minutes every Sunday and seem to have a smaller learning curve because they’re so familiar with each other, he said.

The First Pentecostal group features saxophones, clarinets, trumpets, keyboards, guitars and percussion to complement its singers. They offered a diverse selection of three songs at The Spring Fair, ranging from a cover of “Say So” by contemporary Christian group Free Chapel to a medley by Ron Kenoly, a widely-known evangelist who specializes in soul and rhythm and blues.

First Pentecostal is a traditional Pentecostal church that uses “exuberant worship” as its focal point, meaning heartfelt music, raised hands and outstretched voices are part of the typical service.

“It’s a vocal expression rather than a meditative environment,” the pastor explained. “The Pentecostal service is going to be an out-loud expression of your feelings. It’s more of an expressive faith than a reflective faith.”

I hope there are times you can be proud of something and not sin! 🙂

Thanks for reading today!