A friend of mine had a wreck on his bicycle several weeks ago. He banged his leg on the curb and got a big ugly bruise on the calf of his leg. The swelling was about the size of a baseball and the wound became infected. It was an ugly red wound full of pus and poison to his body.

He went to a critical care unit to have it looked at after a few days. They prescribed antibiotics. He took the medicine and seemed to be doing better.

After several weeks he went for another bike ride then went for a run. The infection came back with a vengeance.

While at the hospital with him and his family last night I learned something I had not known about antibiotics. The doctor explained you need the right kind of antibiotic to combat the type of infection you are dealing with. The critical care facility had not prescribed the correct antibiotic.

The infection had looked superficially better but was not cured. So it returned worse than before.

They prescribed the correct antibiotic and lanced and flushed the wound and hopefully he is on the road to health again.

Because the last 38 years of my life has been spent treating spiritual wounds and conditions I took note of the principal involved.

It takes the right medicine to attack the cause of the problem. Some medicines may appear to help but only hide the issue and it gets worse while being unseen.

For me as a pastor and minister of the gospel, I must make certain I am presenting the right cure for the problem. I wonder how many times I prescribed the spiritual medicine and thought the issue was cured while all the time it was only superficially better?

Unknown to me the issue was only hidden under apparent healing, ready to resurface with a vengeance.

I suppose there has never been a day in Apostolic history where we need the cure for sin like we need it today! We must not only preach, but we must preach the particular things that attack the cause of sin!

We do not need spiritual band aids today, we need the cure. I pray my congregation is not sitting there week after week with hidden issues unresolved and not healed. God help me to seek God until I have the right medicine in my hand for every service.

This brief incident in my life has stirred me to want to be more prayerful. It has caused me to want to carefully take a long look each time I write that spiritual prescription.

May the preaching of the gospel produce healthy, spiritual, saints of God!

Thanks for reading today!