Ten Commandments

400 years of slavery had ended with the glorious exodus and the crossing of the

red sea.  Now the challenge was a new fledging nation with an inexperienced

leader contending with a crowd of several million unhappy people.

In a wilderness like desert, without water or food, Moses had to lead several

million people to the Promised Land.  The task was enormous.  God provided Moses

with his greatest need, the need of government for this rabble.  Moses left to

go up the mountain for 40 days, and when he returned, he had in his hand the

foundation for every western civilization from that moment forward.

Every nation in western civilization has based their government on the Ten

Commandments.  It is the basis of the law for all people in the west for the

last 3500 years.

How much has the Ten Commandments influenced western civilization?  It is, and

has been, the bedrock of every single government, whether monarchy, democracy,

or theocracy.

The Ten Commandments represent the two great relationships in man’s world.

First, they represent the relationship man has toward God.  This is in

commandments 1-4.  Secondly, they represent man’s relationship toward his fellow

man.  This would be in commandments 5-10.

The first four commandments are about man toward God.  Thou shalt have no other

Gods, not take His name in vain, not make a graven image, and keep the Sabbath.

These are about how man is to interact toward his God.

The second six commandments are all about how to exist with our fellow man.

Thou shalt not steal, kill, commit adultery, lie, bear false witness, or covet.

Each of these commandments helps us survive with others and provide the concept

of personal ownership.

This second division is the basis for virtually every law on the books in the

United States.

Jesus himself provided this division for us.  When challenged by the Pharisees,

which was the first and greatest commandment, Jesus gave this reply.  He told

them that the first and greatest was hear O Israel the Lord our God is one.  He

then said the second is like unto it; thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

To love God and to love our fellow man is the basis for the Ten Commandments.

It provides the foundation for all man’s relationships.

The Devil knows how important these Ten Commandments are, so he is trying

desperately to remove them from American society at any cost.

Our founding fathers knew their value, so they etched them in stone on the

Supreme Court building in our nation’s capital.

May the church ever be vigilant to defend the Ten Commandments!  When these Ten

Commandments perish, the foundation of America will erode and all will be lost.

God help us to love and protect the Ten Commandments.