If you look for Him, you will see Him…

In Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers Jesus is there. He was there in every chapter and every line.  You will see Him in the coats of skin that cover Adam and Eve’s sin.  You will see Jesus in the blood of Able that speaks of better things.

You will see Jesus in Moses’ face , sent to deliver his people out of Egypt.  You will see Jesus in the blood on the doorpost and lintel.

If you look for Him, you’ll see Him in the meal offering, for He is the bread of life.

You’ll see Him in the wave offering for He was offered up for our sins.

You’ll see Him in the drink offering, for He was poured out so I could be saved.

You’ll see Him in the feast of weeks and feast of the tabernacle.  He is my tabernacle, my outer court, my inner court, my holiest of holies.

He is my meal offering, my drink offering, my bread, my incense.

He is the door by which if any man shall enter in, he shall find green pastures.

He is the candlestick that lights my way into the presence of God.

He is my light, my bread, His blood is my wine, He is the veil; for when the Roman soldier pierced His side, the veil was rent in twain.

The rending of His flesh gives me access to the Father.  I have stepped behind the veil into the holiest of holies, because of Jesus.

Don’t look down your nose at me when I praise Him.  He is my “all in all”, my everything!

He is Aaron’s rod that budded, my high priest, my pot of manna, He is my ark of the testimony, He is my fulfilled law, He is my Sabbath, for when I am in Him I find rest and peace!  I cease from my labors and find rest.  “Come unto me all ye that labor… I will give you rest”.

He is my Shekinah glory, He is my glory of God.  He lights my dungeon.

He is my cloud by day pillar of fire by night, my brazen serpent in the wilderness – I had been bitten by sin, but He was lifted up and I am healed.

He is my tree that was thrown into the bitter waters of Mara, He changed my bitter life into sweet water, He is my rock, smitten on Calvary, whose gushing waters quench the thirsting of my life.

Jesus, There Is Something About That Name!

Tomorrow….The Incomparable Christ…see you then.