I am attending my High School reunion in a few days. As I look at the people I will be seeing I am struck by how some were expected to achieve, and did.

There were others who never did much with their life, even though at the time it looked like they would indeed be a world changer.

The most amazing ones to me are those who showed no signs of becoming the achiever they are today!

I am reminded of the drafting of football players into the NFL from college. One player was not selected until the third round. There were 98 other players taken first. The gurus and experts passed on him three times.

He went on to greatness in the NFL. He started and won four superbowls! He was all-pro, MVP, and countless other awards. He was voted by sporting news as the third greatest NFL player ever. Yet those who judged at the time thought 98 other player had more potential.

Today most sports fan have heard of Joe Montana.

Another draftee was chosen even later in the draft process. He was selected in the sixth round. The gurus selected 198 players before him.

To date he has played in four superbowls and won three. Set numerous records and the name Tom Brady is very familiar.

Maybe we can all realize what someone will become is not always recognizable today!

Maybe God sees potential in you others will never see.

Do not accept the value others place on you, seek the value God puts on your life.

Just because you are not drafted in the first round does not mean you have no future.

You might be surprized what God will do with your life if you make yourself available to Him!

How about it? Live the words to that familiar chorus,

Here I am Lord, here I am,
I give all myself to you
Here I am,
Here I am Lord, here I am,
Let your spirit move through me,
Here I am.

Thanks for reading today!

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