I admit I am an Apple product fan!

I started way back with the Apple 2e, then the Apple 2c.

When the first Macintosh came out I anted up.

So when the iPhone was announced I planned on getting in line and purchasing one.  I was blessed by Dr. Scheel who bought me my first iPhone.

I remember reading the authorities and gurus.  There were many who said it will never be a major player in the cell phone world.

Their reasons were myriad. It would only serve a small customer base, yada yada yada.

Well they were wrong! To date there have been 51.15 million iPhones sold.  8.75 million sold just this last fiscal quarter.

Then the big discussion on the iPad! All the authorities weighed in.  They hashed and wrote and forecasted!

They said it will have no place in the market, it is a glorified Kindle, etc.

Well they were wrong again!  The iPhone took 73 days to sell one million phones.  The iPad sold one million iPads in just 28 days!  There were 15 million applications sold for the iPad in that time and 1.5 million ebooks!

My point is the so called authorities got it wrong.

Well let me tell you something else they are wrong about….

The Bible says….In the last days scoffers shall come saying where is the promise of His coming?

They make light of Jesus return.

Well they are wrong about that too, because Jesus is coming!

They say it is just christians and their silly pie-in-the sky beliefs.

My reply is ….

Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

Jesus is coming!

Thanks for reading today!