Andrew Wednesday, Sep 25 2019 

Morning study today:

Today I am thinking about the Apostle Andrew. Andrew was a good person from the beginning, he was a disciple of John the Baptist. He brought his brother Simon Peter to Jesus. He was the first apostle called. At times he was included with Peter James and John. But other times he was not included. I wonder how he dealt with those feelings? Sometimes we don’t get what we think we deserve in serving Jesus.

Reactions Wednesday, Sep 25 2019 

Reactions; Zacharias was visited by an angel and he doubted. Therefore he was struck speechless. He did not write his song until after the child was born. By contrast Mary was visited by the same angel and she immediately accepted the vision and wrote her song. Zachariah could not speak until after his miracle. Mary spoke before her miracle. What is our reaction when God sends us a divine message?