There is a fascination with death in my life. Death has claimed many, my mother, my father, my step mom, my pastor Bro Terry. So many they are adding up. It makes me want to run and live life to it’s fullest.

We have questions. What is on the other side? What happens when we take our last breath? Are we instantly in God’s presence? Do we just sleep until the resurrection? Do angels come and carry us home?

As unwanted and feared as death is, the Bible speaks of a second death 4 times: Rev 2.11, 20.6, 20.14, and 21.8. I cannot imagine going through the process two times.

Death was brought on by sin. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden, part of the curse and judgement was death. For His own reasons, God gave Satan the power of death. Heb 2.14 this power simply means he held the souls in Hades until Christ came and set them free at his resurrection. Satan never controlled the moment the person died that is in the hands of God alone.

It is appointed unto men once to die Heb 9.27. Does this mean there is an appointed moment? (Unusual deaths). Does it mean simply you will die? One of the most comforting things about death is if we willingly die now to our flesh, and Jesus comes before we die we will never die.

Then there is John 11.26 where Jesus says if we believe on him we will never die. This is why I believe we go immediately into Christ’s presence, no soul sleep. Our bodies wait for the resurrection, but our spirits go to be with the Lord.

Causes of natural death can be cancer, heart attacks, accidents, something stops working and there is a chain reaction. Some deaths are sudden, some long and painful. Sometimes there are indicators that something is wrong, others simply drop dead.

Indicators are things like loss of appetite, pain that was not there in your life that suddenly showed up, blood in your urine is an indicator. There are all kinds of symptoms that signal something is wrong.

There are a lot of parallels in our physical bodies and our spiritual bodies. For one thing, both can die. Both will be inseparatable at judgement. Your natural body can and does affect your spiritual body. I personally believe your spiritual body can and does affect your natural body through stress and guilt and fear. So they are connected.

We often care more for our natural body more than our spiritual body. If we get up late and over sleep the spiritual man is pushed to second place while we curry and fuss over the natural man.

We see doctors and go to emergency to make sure our pain is not signaling a potential problem.

When I measure this against the spiritual man, I feel we are generally as a rule, less attentive to our spiritual symptoms; depression, anger, spiritually cold, loss of appetite, hatred, jealousy, and indifference, all signal spiritual problems.

It is true in both the natural and the spiritual that sometimes when left alone the body heals itself. The ship rights itself. But if the symptoms continue and do not heal them self, something is wrong.

When we get scared naturally we go to the doctor, but many times we ignore and endure the symptoms spiritually. We waste away because we refuse to confront the symptoms. Maybe we even try and it continues for so long, so many years, we give up. Maybe we have dealt with the same issue spiritually for so many years we are tired of trying to get it fixed.

Then when the symptoms are ignored they wreak havoc and people sometimes drop dead spiritually. Because we cannot see the spiritual man, sometimes the spiritual man is emaciated and needs care or death is certain.

Jesus came to open a Holy Ghost clinic for all the spiritually sick and needy today. His clinic is free and certain, all are welcome. There is one near you. It is called a church.

Thanks for reading today…..