2.14-18 what a moment. The spirit of God moved out from behind the veil to the streets of the city. This was a monumental moment of spiritual change. This is the spirit of God moving on the waters (people), of the second cosmos. The result was the same, some of the water was raised to the heavens. Before the wind ceased, 3000 people would be raised in spiritual elevation by being baptized and spirit filled. Truly this moment was redemptive and spectacular. A drowning man acts in crazy ways and these people were being submerged in the Holy Ghost waters. Jesus had made reference to this in John 7.37-39, the Holy Ghost is likened to a river that flows. The power of a river is enormous. It brings life, it brings great civilizations, it brings culture and economy. Rivers change the landscape and carve canyons. Rivers create natural boundaries. The river of God once flowed out of Eden, and was now flowing out of an upper room. This river, alluded to in Ezekiel, brings life and change to any thing and any person it touches. When this river of God’s spirit touched the people in the upper room it caused a reaction that was likened to a drunken man. The effects were observable and immediate. Peter quickly identifies this phenomenon as fulfillment of the prophet Joel. It is the pouring out of the Spirit of God. The river was flowing and the waters were being divided. Sons of God were being raised from the waters below. Ezekiel 47.9 tells us “and every thing shall live whither the river cometh”.

2.19-21 the natural world is used to demonstrate the impact of the unseen world of the spirit. This is no small moment. This is galactic and cosmos to the max. This incredible spiritual moment is akin to the original happenings of the first creation of the cosmos. Things are happening here unseen by the natural eye. Peter makes sure to inform the crowd of the unseen happenings. And the proclamation is sent out on the waters of this river; whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

2.22-24 Jesus. This is about Jesus. This is not about a new religion, although that was the natural result. This was not about the mighty Roman Empire, this was about the second cosmos which made the Roman Empire but a speck on the timeline of human history. Peter now focus’ on the real issue, Jesus. Jesus from Nazareth. Nazareth rejected him just as some of these were about to, so Peter begins there as a subtle warning of rejecting this phenom. Jesus was a man approved (to show off, exhibit), by miracles and signs. Jesus had been killed by their wicked hands. The word picture is graphic. These people had been tried and convicted in the tribunal of heaven. But God had raised this same Jesus up having loosed the pains of death, because it was not possible (capable), that Jesus could be retained by death. Death the ultimate foe of Adam had been taken off the throne. Death that had reigned from the dawn of time over every man and woman was now conquered. Jesus took death into his dying body and overcame it. Jesus’ own proclamation was “I have the keys of death, hell, and the grave”. Death wrestled life out of every mortal for 4,000 years, but when death touched Jesus, it was not possible for death to hold Jesus. Jesus broke asunder the bands of death. Paul echoed this when he exclaimed “O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory”? When a person receives the Holy Ghost, the birth into the second cosmos, death has no power, death is defeated.

2.25-28 David. Successful lawyers seldom rely on just one witness. Even a star witness is supported by lesser witnesses. The preponderance of testimony is used to convince conclusively their argument. Here, Peter offers a single witness. Peter knows the singular testimony of David is enough. After presenting the testimony of David, the spirit of God, through Peter, rests it’s case. David’s testimony on the resurrection is proof conclusive. The defense rests.

2.29-36 the closing argument. David was not speaking of his own resurrection. David being a prophet, was speaking of his son, the Christ, the coming messiah. This was irrefutable proof in the eyes of these Jewish people gathered from across the empire. David’s son had been raised from the dead. You have slain him with wicked hands, but God has raised him from the dead. This Jesus hath God raised up. Jesus is exalted (elevated), and now Jesus has shed forth this that ye now see and hear. Peter again presents his star witness. David said, the Lord said unto my Lord, sit on my right hand until I make thy foes thy footstool. God hath made Jesus both Lord and Christ. The case now passes to the jury. The jury makes the correct verdict quickly. We are guilty. God in His infinite wisdom directs men to be their own Judge, and the effect is always powerful. The question heaven was waiting to hear is launched by the multitude. What shall we do?

2.37 Heaven had been pregnant with this question for four thousand years. Since Eve stretched out her hand and slowly closed her fingers around the forbidden fruit and death was summoned, heaven had waited with bated breath for this moment. Rivers of blood had flowed. Sacrifices had been slain by the tens of thousands. The bondage of sin had held the sons of Abraham in Egyptian slavery for four days ( a day is as a thousand years). Now the moment had come. The answer shattered the age old Jewish system. A new day had dawned, not just in Jerusalem or Israel, but in the future of all mankind. The second cosmos exploded into operation and three thousand would be born into it the first day. When the sun set on that fateful, fruitful day, God said “It is good”.

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