Verses 1-2

2.1 This Chapter is tantamount to Genesis 1. Genesis records the creation and beginning of all things. This chapter records the creation of the church and the beginning of all things relative to the church. From the inception, this salvation is for all people, all nations. The occasion of Acts 2 was not an accident. It was purposed by God as sure as the original creation of matter. Paul assures us of this when he says “when the fullness of time was come”. There are no accidents or coincidences with God. The creation of the church was in the mind of God before the first ray of light shattered the primeval darkness. God decided to redeem fallen man before man was created. Acts 15.18 says known unto God are all His works from the beginning of creation. To treat the church worldwide as an afterthought, or an alternate plan is the greatest of insults. It would mean God never intended to save the world, but was Himself a racist by only favoring a select group of people. This chapter is the inception, the beginning, of all the plan of God since Genesis. The panoramic unfolding of eternal salvation and gospel is now launched by Jesus Christ after His successful earthly ministry. It comes with force and explosive announcement.

2.2 rushing mighty wind. The assembled masses outside would never see the glory inside the upper room without some display or noise. So God sends the Holy Ghost in a mighty way and notifies those within earshot of the creation of the church. As in Genesis, it is no quiet beginning, but rather a Big Bang. Science says our universe began with a cataclysmic explosion. They probably are right. God spoke and things exploded into being. The same pattern manifests itself here. There is a divine announcement something is happening. In the original creation the Sons of God shouted for joy, and in this second creative act, the Sons of God again shout for joy. People from far away places like modern day Iran were witness of this incredible happening. In the days of the apostles Jewish communities were located primarily in the eastern Roman Empire. Greek was the common language. The people present in this chapter were from as far away as Mesopotamia and further east including Parthia, Media and Elam (present day Iran). God was announcing something powerful and exciting was happening. As in the Old Testament happening to the prophet Elijah in 1 Kings 19, after the wind there would be a voice. And the voice was the purpose of the wind.

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