Each year I read my Bible through.

Usually I use a Bible I have never used and read all the notes and commentary as well as the Bible text.

This year I am reading the Bible through and skipping the italicized words. These words are not in the original language and were added by the translators to help the flow of the text. They are east to spot because they are a different type.

While reading through Exodus this week I have noticed when the animals are mentioned the goats never say skins. It just says goats. The text reads ram skins, and badger skins, but when it comes to goats it only says goats. It caught my attention.

I have no idea if I know the answer or if it is even important, but here is my thought.

Is it possible this was the only thing worth using on a goat? If so, there would be no reason to add the word skin. Hebrew being a compact language with no vowels was conservative with adjectives so the translators added them to help the English reader.

If my simple thought is feasible, it would mean the parts of other animals had use. Therefore the text identifies when it is referring to that part of a ram or badger. But when speaking of a goat there was no need to mention the skin for nothing else about the animal was usable. Nothing inside the goat was good for anything. It’s only value was it’s skin.

The analogy I drew was that there are people like that. They are empty and hollow inside. All they have to offer our world is the skin everyone sees. So they have to try and improve it with cosmetics (make-up), and jewelry, and artificial means. This draws attention to the only thing they have to offer, the outside, which can be seen by the everyday person.

This is not the way a follower of Christ lives. The good stuff, if you please, is on the inside. We do not flaunt the skin, but rather realize we have much more to offer our world than an artificial appearance. It is the primary reason the New Testament teaches us to avoid the artificial on the outer man and let the inner man shine though.

It is the fruit of the spirit that God wants the world to see. When you put honesty and loyalty and sincerity up against lipstick and rouge and eye liner it is easy to see why the person who is empty inside needs to glamorize the skin. They are a goat, and it is all they have to offer the world.

A true child of God has much more to offer the world than just their skin. They offer love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance.

It is hard for the light of Christ to shine through when your skin is painted with the artificial elements of the world. Our command is let your light so shine before men. There is nothing more beautiful to man and to God than a Christian woman adorned with godliness and holiness. She stands out, people notice her purity. You see her light glowing through, and Christ is magnified and lifted up.

When a person paints the skin, adorns the skin, it is a notice of what is lacking inside. It is all they have to offer our world.

Thanks for reading today…….