The volume of Jeremiah in the Expository Series will be published soon. It is now at the printer. Here are my closing thoughts:

It is the final pen stroke of this major prophet, after a lifetime of faithfully executing his charge to speak the Word of God faithfully. Few times in the history of the world has a man like Jeremiah appeared. The span of his vision is worldwide. He was faithful to his calling. His ministry spanned decades and kings. He knew great luxury and deep poverty. He experienced unparalleled spiritual highs and unspeakable human deprivations. He complained, he cried, he exulted joyfully, he was maligned, he was imprisoned, he was rescued, still he remained faithful to his calling. He left behind one of the greatest works of penmanship the world has ever seen. God in His infinite wisdom saw fit to only anoint four men as major prophets. Jeremiah is in that elite quartet. His voice was opposed at times, ignored and dissed often, but it will live forever, for the grass withers and the flower fades, but the Word of our God shall stand forever.