18.1 Dan. This interlude sets forth an important principal. It shows the consequences of not being satisfied with your inheritance. The tribe of Dan was not content with what had been given to them. They were in the west toward the south. They chose to abandon what God had allocated them and choose a new inheritance. The consequences of this is the removal of any legacy of Dan in the rest of the Bible. One descendant is mentioned as helping in the construction of the temple. In Revelation when the 12 tribes are listed, Dan has been eliminated. This concept was being highlighted by the anointing spirit upon the writer of Judges. The consequences of not being satisfied with your inheritance is you will be removed from the people of God.

18.2-12 It is at the house of Micah with his hired priest that Dan gets religious approval for his journey to destruction. The approval of a priest does not always signify the approval of God. Sadly, Dan and all his future posterity are cursed by trusting a religious voice that was not ordained by God. The result was Dan was removed from any inheritance because he disdained the inheritance God allocated him.

18.13-30 Having been given religious approval, the tribe of Dan now feels justified to proceed. As they make the move to oblivion, they stop long enough to force the hired priest to join their rebellion, for he has sanctioned it. Dan takes the gods of Micah and indentures the hired priest. The priest confiscates the gods and ephod that are not his, and joins Dan’s rebellion. When Micah pleads for restoration, he is scorned. The writer of Judges is showing all future generations what the heart of man is capable of when true religion is cast aside. Once Dan has relocated, he sets up his false image and puts his hired priests in place. Rebellion has birthed idolatry. Murder and mayhem have now been given religious sanction. This is the DNA of rebellion and idolatry. Every man doing what is right in his own eyes.

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