Is there a zero point where you go from 1% happy to 1% unhappy?

Is there a scale that tips ever so gently and you cross from satisfied to unsatisfied?

Is there a continuum that you cross from content to contentious?

It would appear there is some line of demarcation that must be crossed.

It seems a bit far fetched to happy and unhappy at the same time.

Can you be satisfied and unsatisfied simultaneously?

Are contentious people content while they “Do their thing?”

To be content according to the New Testament greek, it means you raise a barrier.  You keep things out.  You guard yourself, especially your mind.

You bring every thought into the obedience of Jesus Christ.  You raise a barrier and say whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are good, a good report, etc.

When we fail to do that, we cross over that indiscernible, unseen line to being contentious.

In Corinth, Paul had contentious people who asked how long is long hair on a woman? These people had dropped a barrier.

In the letter to the Romans, Paul equates contentious people with being disobedient (2.8).

In three missionary journeys Paul had learned to be content.  He had been opposed numerous times by contentious people.  How did he survive their attacks?  He raised a barrier.

Proverbs informs us both men and women are prone to being contentious.

Contentious people are easy to spot. They find fault.  Their life is worse than anyone else’s.

Their church just isn’t what it needs to be.

Their pastor just needs to be more like Mr. Neighboring Pastor.

The music is too loud.

The sermon is too long.

The standards are too strict.

Sitting next to them on the pew or maybe a few feet away is a new convert who is content!

The new convert says,

I love our music.

Wow, what a sermon!

Amen Pastor, preach holiness!

This is the best church I have ever been to!

Our pastor is the best pastor in the whole world!

Both in the same church, same pew.  Same sermon, same choir, same nursery, same hostess, same ushers, same pastor, same music, same songs.

What is the difference?

I guess the difference is the distance from content to contentious.

The distance from satisfied to unsatisfied.

The distance from happy to unhappy.

Thanks for reading today!