10.1-5 Tolo and Jair. These two judges are classified as “minor” judges along with Shamgar, Izban, Elon and Abdon. They are considered thus because they have no record of military deliverance from oppressors. Their mention is brief. If the regional concept of the Book of Judges holds true, these enter the pages of Holy Record because of the region they occupy. They are from the eastern part of the nation. They are the defendants of Manasseh and the area of their rule is the inheritance of the tribe of Manasseh. 

10.6-18 There is ample evidence here of the lasting influence of the former inhabitants of the land, the Ammonites. The weakness of Israel again takes them down the path of Idolatry. God also allows the Philistines to literally break Israel in pieces. What a sad epitaph that it takes this to bring Israel back to her God. The predators strike defenseless Israel. God is finally ready to give up. He states He will deliver them no more (13). Go serve the Gods you have chosen. Israel recants and again puts away the gods from among them. This period, the third overall stage of the Judges, extends from Jair to the rise of Samuel. This is a period of great humiliation for the nation. God gave them into the hands of not one, but two hostile nations. The Ammonites invade from the east and the Philistines from the west. The coming Judges face this crisis. Jephthah will war the Ammonites and Samson will war the Philistines. The unfinished business will eventually be left for Samuel to mop up. Seven nations had been defeated, seven foreign Gods deposed. God had delivered His people seven times, and His delivering grace was waning.
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