7.1-8 quantity verses quality. Ps 33.16 There is no king saved by the multitude of an host. The concept of dismissing those who are fearful is Biblical. Dt 20.8 sets this precedent. Fear is infectious. Fear causes you to look at the enemy rather than looking at God. Fear can cause the faith of others to waiver. 22,000 go home because they are infected with fear. The next selection process involved practical wisdom to be alert to battle conditions, this eliminated another 10,000. Gideon is left with 300 men to rout 135,000. The world has never seen a stranger mobilization policy. Gideon would use surprise and confusion as tactics of war. This was a divinely inspired plan from God. Other times God gave unusual directives and the war was won by atypical methods (2 Chr 20.22-23).

7.9-15 the barley loaf. God gives Gideon reassurance in the form of a dream of the enemy. It involves the barley loaf which is the most common kind of bread. The symbolism of this common, inexpensive loaf destroying a tent registered with Gideon and ignited his faith. Gideon saw this as a symbol of his weakness and an auspice of victory. The enemy in the tent confirmed this in Gideon’s hearing giving Gideon even more confirmation.

7.16-18 the plan. We must wonder what the soldiers with Gideon thought when he revealed his battle plan. The three columns of men surround the enemy camp and follow the lead of Gideon. They shout the sword of the Lord and of Gideon. They have no physical sword, yet they shout they do. They include Gideon with the shout, for God uses men to do His bidding. God partners with the weak and base things of the world to show His glory. This divine plan worked to perfection. The sword of Midian became the sword of the Lord to execute victory.

7.19-25 Ephraim. The battle was successful, and the enemy was routed. Now the narrative turns to the mopping up phase of the campaign. Gideon counted on the Ephraimites to cut off the remnants that were escaping. This also was successful and two kings of Midian are slain.

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