9.1-10 the destruction of Israel. This is the final vision of Amos’ prophecy recorded. It is assumed he returns to the south and lives out his life having delivered the coup de grace to a proud, defiant, unrepentant nation. Who can know his inner thoughts? Was he empty? Did he feel he accomplished his task? As with so many of the servants of God we have no insight to their inner feelings. We cannot know if he felt fulfilled or frustrated. Was he delighted or defeated? We cannot know. He sees the final vision here. He sees the Lord standing upon the altar.This is God’s altar and He has come to claim ownership. God himself steps up on the altar and begins to dismantle the ugly pseudo-religion the nation has created. God announces there is no place to hide. From the depth of hell to the top of Carmel the searching eye of God will find them. Neither the depth of the sea or captivity in a foreign nation will provide sanctuary from God. Standing on the altar God proclaims his power and authority in heaven, in earth and in the seas. God sternly tells this backslid nation they are like Ethiopians to Him.God himself brought them into existence and He will take them out of existence as well. The heavenly sifting has begun. It is time for Amos to put down his writing instrument and go back to picking sycamore fruit. As the words die from Amos’ lips, the sinners die from Samaria.

9.11-15 the restoration. The rising of the sun every day mirrors God’s mercy and grace. The sunset of God’s mercy is yet to be viewed again in the sunrise of a future remnant. From these very ruins God will build the Tabernacle of David. James confirms this is the New Testament church, in the book of Acts when the counsel gathers to discuss the inclusion of Gentiles into the church. James has the spiritual sight to see through the smoke and haze of Israel’s failure and see the Lord standing on that altar centuries before. At that momentous event in Acts chapter 15, James proclaims God has built again the Tabernacle of David. As dying leaves and humus give the earth the nutrients for new growth, so the death of the Northern Kingdom gave birth to the church. The church possesses the remnant of Edom and all the heathen which are called by the name of the Lord. The plowman over takes the reaper, and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed. The captivity of Israel is restored, cities are rebuilt, vineyards are planted, and gardens flourish. God closes this prophetical refrain by proclaiming He will plant them upon their land and they shall no more be pulled up. As the fading sunlight descends and Amos sees its final rays, with one final backward glance, he knows the sun will yet rise again. It shall rise in the glorious light of the Gospel and the whole earth shall be filled with it’s glory.

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