4.1-8 the incomplete rest of the Old Testament. The author presents the case for the failure of the rest in the Old Testament. It is evident the rest is ensconced in the gospel. The rest and the gospel are indivisible. When you receive the gospel, you receive the rest. (3) when you believe you enter into this rest. God did rest, not from fatigue, but from completion. We rest today because the gospel completed the “work” of salvation. The door to rest is belief. Unbelief closed the door for the Old Testament people, and it still closes the door today. The author reminds us if we will hear His voice, and not harden our heart, we will enter His rest. (8) clear admonition this is not about a literal day, but about the rest Christ gives through the Holy Ghost. The author fears that these wavering saints may have lost sight of the fact that the whole way of salvation is through faith. This faith in Jesus Christ promises the rest that accompanies the gospel. This rest is eternal. God did not begin work again on day 8. God has been at rest since that moment he finished creation! This is accented by the fact Moses noted the end of the first six days but does not mention the seventh day ending.

4.9-13 the complete rest of Jesus Christ. As God ceased from his works when he entered the rest, so now the people of God rest concerning their own works. Salvation’s work is finished! The only labor the child of God needs to do now is labor to enter into that rest where salvation is complete. In verses 1-8 the word rest is katapausis-reposing down, abode, rest. Here in verse 9 the author uses another word sabbatismos- the repose of Christianity, as a type of heaven. The former rest was never a type of heaven. It was simply intermittent rest from physical labor. The rest of Jesus Christ is a type of heaven. It is a repose we enter into and never leave. The rest (peace) is inside us through the power of the Holy Ghost! We no longer have katapausis, we have sabbatismos. In verse 8 the author boldly proclaims if Jesus had given them katapauo, He would not have spoken of another day! Jesus Christ replaced Katapauo, (temorary repose) with sabbatismos (permanent repose). Therefore the rest of Christianity is better than the rest of the former covenant. The rest of Christianity, (sabbatismos), is the rest when a work is finished! Death is no longer the gate to eternal rest, now that door is faith in Jesus Christ.

4.14-16 the closing admonition on rest in Jesus Christ. Our High Priest hath passed into the heavens where he intercedes for us continually. The lamb has been slain, the sacrifice complete, we rest in his all sufficient priesthood. Let us come boldly unto the throne of grace (getting the things we do not deserve) that we may obtain mercy ( not getting what we deserve: judgment), so we can find grace ( the good things we do not deserve), to help in time of need. Christ’s rest is better.