3.1-6 Christ and Moses. Knowing the reverence that was given to Moses, the author reaches for the most esteemed leader in Judaism to present Christ’s superiority. The comparison includes faithfulness. It states the glory of Christ is better than the glory of Moses. Christ as the eternal God built the house that Moses was faithful over. Moses was faithful as a servant to the house of another. But Christ was faithful over His own house! Moses was a servant in the house, Christ enters the house as master. This house is the believer himself. The author takes the superiority of Christ beyond Apostle, High Priest, or messiah. He presents Christ the creator of redemption. Like an attorney laying out the evidence of the case, he presents irrefutable evidence of Christ as better. Christ is better than Angels. Christ is better than the esteemed Moses. These wavering believers are encouraged to persevere and to get a firm grip on their confidence and rejoicing to the end.

3.7-19 The rest. Having launched his epistle, the author now unfolds the beauty of the true rest of God brought by Christ. Again he admonishes them to listen to the evidence being presented. The former rest did not produce a faithful generation. Rather, it presented a generation that provoked God to anger. Thus, that rest was insufficient and not permanent. God swore that generation would not enter into His rest because of their unbelief. If the sabbath of Judaism was sufficient, why did God reject their observances? The children of Israel kept that sabbath for hundreds of years. It did not produce rest at all. Christ has brought the perfect rest that produces faith and perseverance in the believer. The unequivocal proof is what each rest produced. The former produced unbelief and angered God. The rest Christ offers produces faith and pleases God. It produces daily rest, as opposed to weekly rest. It produces emotional, mental,and spiritual rest as well. Therefore, Christ’s rest is better than Moses’ rest. Jesus said by the fruits you know. The former sabbath produced an angry God and disobedient believers. Christ’s sabbath has produced love, joy, peace and an untold number of permanently transformed lives by the Holy Ghost.