Manifesto:policies, goals, and opinions of a person~

Romans 5.14-21 Death. The marvelous mystery: by dying Christ destroyed death for all mankind. Death had reined from Adam to Calvary. No one had escaped the grip of death except two men whom God took, Enoch and Elijah. Every other human ever born had been conquered by death. Now death had been conquered by Jesus Christ. Sin had brought the curse of death. Jesus taking the sin of the world upon Himself, changed this, and now, Jesus boldly declares He has the keys of hell and of death! (Rev 1.18) Death has no sting, no power.(1 Cor 15.55) One sin brought down the human family and we are part of that seminal line. Our seed is rooted in the first man Adam. Through Christ that has now been replaced through the New Birth. We receive a New Birth by being born again of water and Spirit. (Jn 3.5) We join the new family of God. We are children of Christ, therefore of Abraham. Sin reigned until death, but when Christ destroyed death, now grace reigns through righteousness unto eternal life by Christ Jesus our Lord. One sin caused all to die. By contrast, one man’s obedience caused many to be saved. Adam brought judgment, Christ brings justification. Adam brought death, Christ brings Life. Through Adam all were lost, through Christ all are saved if they believe. Thus is the manifesto of Jesus Christ! Everything is new.