There is a loud, long, clarion call that leaps off the pages of Romans from the first chapter! Mankind is lost! Men need a savior. The gentile world needs a savior (Chapter 1). The Jewish world needs a savior (Chapter 2). The answer for both is in Jesus Christ (Chapter 3). Jesus Christ is the cure for the universal malady of Sin!

Romans reaches back to the primeval garden of Eden and offers the fix for a broken world. A second Adam has arrived and started over with a new family. This new family is comprised of all mankind as was the Garden of Eden’s original intent. This new family will be all the original family was intended to be.

Paul, the apostle to the Gentile World, although a Jew, speaks to universal mankind without prejudice. Paul had been on the missionary trail for ten years now and was currently in Corinth. A member of the church in Cenchrea, a sister by the name of Phebe, was going to Rome and Paul asked her to carry a letter to the saints there. The letter Paul wrote is what we now have as the Book of Romans.

This letter is about the size of an average daily newspaper and can easily be read at a single sitting. However, do not let that fool you. The profound revelations in this book set it apart as the grand picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the single greatest summary of Christ’s gospel ever penned by man. The eternal purpose of Jesus Christ is profoundly and concisely written here.

Herein is the manifesto of Jesus Christ to a lost, broken, disillusioned, and condemned world.

Thanks for reading today!