Monday June 15, 2015
I am sitting in the Delta Sky Club in New York City looking out over the traffic of the world. All around me are unfamiliar languages and cultures. I am reminded it is a very big world that our God oversees. 
Sometimes I try to think about things the way God thinks about them. Surprisingly when I do I often offend people. Especially people who are self willed and want my approval to their actions. 
There are many instances, but today my thoughts go to the crowd often referred to as back slider. God tells me they are filled with their own ways (Proverbs 14.14), yet if I mention this I am often labeled as “judging” them. 
These people filled with their own ways would like me to offer approval for their life style. They speak loud and often on social media if they perceive any of us are looking at them the way God does. 
So my question today is, is it so wrong to think like God? Am I and a host of other devoted children of God wrong when we withhold approval from these that are filled with their own ways?
I would like to see each of them return to God and serve Him the way the scriptures teach. I would be the first to say let us kill the proverbial fatted calf and throw a welcome home party. 
However, they seem at times, at least some of them, to expect me to just accept whatever life style they choose to follow and give my approval. If I choose to think like God, they are offended and launch the social media blitz about judgmental Christians. 
It may be spitting in the wind, but I want to say get used to it back slider, for you see God himself judges all of us. Maybe if you spent more time worrying about what God says and less about what people say, the outcome might be more to your advantage? 
Get used to being judged. And most of all maybe think about the moment when God judges you. He will not fall for your cheesy lines, and wounded sense of indignation. Your lame lines of just choosing another road, or not really back sliding, just taking a break, ad infinitum, will fall to the deaf ear of a righteous God. 
I have to wonder about people who want to leave, but yet want to stay connected to every “bleeding heart” still attending church. These bleeding hearts cluck sympathy and understanding to those filled with their own ways. 
The roar for approval and non judgement sounds a whole lot like another social phenomenon right now. That lifestyle flies in the face of God, rejects the Bible, and as loudly as possible, screams about anyone who dares to tell them they are wrong.  
Well, they are wrong, and so are you back slider. We love you and welcome you home, but we do not, and will not, approve of your actions and lifestyle, as long as you walk away from the truth. 
Oh and by the way, we are not self righteous or judgmental, we are just thinking like God thinks. 

God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.