The Resurrection: The World’s most magnificent moment.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the most magnificent moment in the history of the world.  Without the resurrection we have no hope, no gospel, no salvation.  Paul said in 1 Corinthians without the resurrection we have nothing but a false hope, our preaching is vain, and our faith is vain.

The resurrection defeats death and validates Christ as the Lord of all creation.

As a christian why would anyone pollute this most magnificent moment with paganism?  How can a rabbit, an egg and baskets begin to compare with the magnificence of Jesus rolling the stone away, and rising from the dead?  Should not we as a christian make sure we fulfill Deuteronomy 6.4-9?  Our God given mandate is to teach our children the way of God.

We need to teach our children the truth.  It is our God given responsibility.  

Picture yourself with your child at the judgment seat of Christ.  You have your child by the hand.  As you look into Christ’s eyes you see hurt.  He asks you as a parent, did you teach your child about Me?  Did you teach them I am God? Did you teach them I am the only God? Did you teach them to never mix worship of me with paganism?

As a responsible parent, it is your God given responsibility to train up a child in the way they should go.  What can be more basic than Jesus rose from the dead? 

Paganism seeks to shift the glory off Christ, and place the celebration on things that are not God. Paganism always distracts from the real meaning of things that relate to God. 

Paganism is not harmless.

Paganism steals God’s glory. Paganism teaches a child to celebrate things not related to God.  Paganism creates false joy on a lie. 

There is no easter bunny.  It is a lie, just like there is no Santa Claus.  We must be careful to teach our children truths, and never teach them to believe a lie. It is not innocent or harmless to condone a lie.

Easter baskets, eggs, and rabbits have nothing to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Why not teach your child the truth?  Teach them Easter is a time to recognize the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

When you stand before Christ in the judgment, you will feel confident you trained up your child in the way of truth, not the way of paganism. You kept the most magnificent moment truly magnificent.

In our church we call this time of year Resurrection Sunday. 

It is the true meaning of the world’s most magnificent moment!