There is a certain group of people around that are really, like, you know, special. I thought I would mention them.

They come from all over the country, in every shape and size. I have been blessed to meet and be acquainted with many of them, and watch them through the years.

For some reason that I do not know, all my life and ministry, I have loved the children of ministers.

Maybe it is a reflection of my love for my own daughter? For I do have the single greatest daughter anyone has ever had.

Through the years I have watched with admiration and respect as these young people have grown to maturity and made their own individual choice to be a servant of Jesus Christ.

These are young people I have known before they chose their spouse, and some are still single.

They not only embrace Christ, but they also make the churches they attend better places as they begin to assume the mantle of leadership.

It is with great love and respect I see them become men and women of God in their own right. Here are a few I have known….

Kevin Archer, Cooper City, Fl
Shannon Burgess, Chehalis, WA
Jerron Carney, Columbia, MS
Joel Buxton, Nevada
Daniel McKillop, Plaster Rock, NB, Canada
Julie Streeval Hair, Moss Bluff, LA
Jon Hair, Moss Bluff, LA
Carissa Streeval Tanton, Noblesville, IN
Brian Tanton, Noblesville, IN
Don Hyler III, California
P. J. White, California
Tony Spell, Baton Rouge, LA
Cody Marks, Sacramento, CA
Mark King, Calgary, Alberta
Thomas Dehod, Saskatoon, Sask, Canada
Rebecca Dehod, Saskatoon, Sask, Canada
Jolene Dehod Holmes, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Marissa Archer, Albion, IN
Stephanie Sangl, Greensburg, IN
Josh Sangl, Greensburg, IN
Jason Sangl, Greensburg, IN
Daniel Massey, Greensburg, IN
Michael Luke, Auburn, WA
Dan Hall, Auburn, WA
Darlene Luke Ridge, Auburn, WA
Elaine Light, Rolla, MO
Nichole Criss, N. Canton, OH
Kristy Cormier, Blountville, TN
Nathan Morton, Chico, CA
Kim Keyes Johnson, Modesto, CA
Sheila Wilson Young, Sacramento, CA
Becky Wilson Salters, Sacramento, CA
Natalie Hearn, Keizer, OR
Brittany Hearn, Keizer, OR

These are young people I know and I am very proud of. They have made the right choices in life, and should be celebrated!

There is none more so than a young lady I have known all her life. I was there when she was born. I had the privilege of seeing her grow up, graduate, marry, and pursue her career.

She is the most wonderful girl I have ever known. Her name is Kendra Bow Purtell and she is truly amazing. She has never brought me shame. It is impossible for a daughter to be better in any way.

We have laughed and cried together. Vacationed together. Sailed the seas of life together and truly she has been every father’s dream.

I will not reveal all her blonde moments like the time she went in the wrong direction for an hour and was late for Sheila Wilson’s wedding pictures. I won’t divulge those family secrets. I will tell you she was a joy to live with, and today is not only my daughter, but also a best friend.

She is an amazing mother, wife, daughter, friend, and most of all, a christian. The fact that my daughter serves Jesus today is worth more than anything in this world to me.

She has been loyal to me through all the storms of life. She has supported me when life was unfair. She quietly provides strength to me and her family when needed.

Some of you may not know her. She is demure and generally reticent.

In my opinion as her father, she is the most beautiful woman I know, both inside and outside. I am exceedingly proud of who she is today!

I love you honey. Happy Valentine’s Day from the proudest dad in the world.