It is pretty hard to look back over world history and find someone as dumb as Pharaoh!

This guy was actually leading a Nation! Pretty crazy.

While reading the sequence of pain, anguish, and disaster again I again read a verse that has troubled me all my life.

Exodus 9.16 “for this cause have I raised thee up”. I have always struggled to believe God created him just to be the stubborn idiot that brought such horror to his country. This does not fit my template of who God is!

While reading it recently and doing the “be aware and compare” I wrote about in a recent blog, I was happy to understand this better.

In place of “for this cause I raised thee up”, is also translated “for this cause I have allowed you to remain”.

It appears God simply allowed Pharaoh to remain on his throne to show His (God’s) power and deliverance to Eqypt.

There is vast difference between creating someone just to serve a wicked purpose, and simply allowing them to remain there because it serves your purpose when you could have rubbed them out long before 🙂

That mental knot was untied for me today so I decided there could possibly be someone else out there in Blog-land that has also scratched their head and thought hmmm.

Thanks for reading today.