Early Morning Light

This is the 2014 Theme for First Pentecostal Church of the Puget Sound.

God is light. Light is one of the two Biblical things that state what God is. The other is love.

In the history of planet earth, there has never been a single failure for light to appear every 24 hours. God is light.

Our desire is to incorporate that light into our life each morning before we begin our day. May we begin our day each day of 2014 as receiving that light and then truly lighting our world, beaming His light into the darkness.

The busyness of our modern world has stripped us of options with our time and demands we prioritize our day. It is our desire to begin each day fresh with prayer and reading of the Bible. By making this our first priority, we will have the fresh light of creation from God to shine into the morass of a world spiraling downward to endless darkness.

Our world is in need of His light more today than ever before!

We offer a reading plan for each month. It is not a daily reading plan, but rather a monthly plan. This allows for the time of daily consecration to be fluid for prayer and Bible reading. There will possibly be moments prayer will need more of your devotion time. Other days, time in the Word may be preeminent. Also this allows for Sunday reflection and catchup if needed.

We recommend a physical Bible of your choice and translation. We also recommend a study Bible with notes. It is our desire you hold the book, underline verses, write in the margin, and share insights, questions, and inspiration with others.

In this regard using the same Study Bible has great value. Using a Bible a friend or family member also uses allows discussion on the notes and helps. Reading an electronic Bible is fine in a pinch, but the goal here is involvement with the text, making comments and notations. Most of all absorbing and meditating on the Word!

This year I will use The everyday Life Bible (Amplified Version) by Joyce Meyer. I also follow in the KJV to note the difference in words and passages. I invite anyone who would like to, please read along and comment as you read. The more the merrier 🙂

Here is the reading schedule for 2014:

2014 Bible Reading

January Genesis 1 – Leviticus 19
February Leviticus 20 – Joshua 13
March Joshua 14 – 1Kings 13
April 1 Kings 14 – Ezra 8
May Ezra 9 – Psalm 90
June Psalm 91 – Isaiah 30
July Isaiah 31 – Ezekiel 17
August Ezekiel 18 – Zechariah 10
September Zechariah 11 – Luke 11
October Luke 12 – Romans 9
November Romans 10 – 1 Timothy 6
December 2 Timothy 1 – Revelation 22

May you find strength and inspiration in Early Morning Light!