It is my belief that each of us wants more than anything an emotional “someone” to be our one and only. Someone that touches the deepest part of us. A soul mate. This gets cloudy because our close friends fill a measure of this, but yet don’t completely scratch the proverbial itch. There is something about connecting with another human on a deep emotional level that brings a satisfaction like no other. It lasts much longer than any other satisfaction except God. I risk being misunderstood here but hear me out please. Even the union of man and woman in marriage and a sexual union, seldom lasts a lifetime. As powerful as that union is, and the melting together of two into one, I see all the time married people still searching for the “someone” to truly understand them.

This magical something can be provided by friend, parent, sibling, neighbor, relative and of course God. God is the ultimate source of this satisfaction, but our need of affirmation and interaction is so great, we seek more tangential interaction.

One of the things soul winning does is it fills this deepest part of us that is so hard to reach.

I am convinced this depth of closeness and understanding with another human being is the closest thing to our relationship with God we can experience. Many times the person you truly feel this kind of connectedness with, does not require words. It just is. It cannot be made, or forced. It is a wonderful gift given by those few who have the magic of making someone else feel special and close and important.

When we have someone like this in our life we can laugh or cry or talk or even remain silent, but when we leave their presence, we are deeply satisfied. For a long while we are content inside and there is a bond that transcends time and distance.

It is the God part of us touching the God part of another human being.

Thanks for reading today.