I believe in “Give outside your life”.

I had a wonderful thing happen today.

I lost something very special to me recently. It was a Mont Blanc pen. I had owned one of these sometime back. It was a gift from a friend and I really liked it. Back then they cost about $185. Since then they have gone up to around $300.

Well I lost my original one so I shopped Ebay and bought me another one. I determined to be very very careful with this one so as not to lose another one. I only carried it when I wore a suit and tie.

Well, somehow I managed to lose it also. I was so angry at myself for this stupidity. I know that most would say just forget it, it is no big deal. To me it was so frustrating because I had already lost one, and I had made such effort to be so careful with the new one.

I looked and looked for three days. Turned my house inside out, checked all my suit pockets, all my vehicles, the couches, church office. It was gone. I was so angry with myself about this small thing. I know it is not much in the course of a lifetime, but it was big to me at the time.

Finally I prayed about it. God would you help me find that pen. Nothing. Days went by.

Yesterday I decided to pray one last time in a different way. I prayed “God, I do not know where that pen is but you do. Would you get it and put it in a place where I can find it?”.

One of the church members forgot their ipad at the church and asked me to get it out of the church and hold it for them. I was too tired last night, so I walked over today to get it out of the church.

What I am about to tell you is either the coolest thing about God or the most insane coincidence in my life, ok?

As I walked along just enjoying the warmth and sunshine of a beautiful morning I looked down and in the wet grass, wet with dew, was my pen. Now before you say what is the big deal, listen.

How did my pen get out in the middle of the church yard back behind the church? But more than that, I just mowed that grass yesterday! If that pen was there yesterday, it would have been destroyed by the new mower we just bought! I mowed right over that spot.

There would at least would have been some evidence of the mower scaring the pen I would think!
The pen is in perfect condition. Not a single scratch!

So for all unbelievers, stop reading now! I think God heard my simple prayer of please put that pen where I can find it, and this morning an angel was watching and waiting with the pen.

When I started walking over to the church, a big old angel with a big old smile carefully placed that pen right in front of me. I would literally have stepped on it. No scratches from a mower. Listen, no dew on the pen. None. The grass was wet with the dew. The pen was completely dry!

So I shouted a little and thanked God for this seemingly small miracle to others that was big to me. A three hundred dollar pen now back in my hand, beautiful and unscratched!

I went back home and called on a doctor/lab report that had billed me for $300. They informed me the doctor had donated the lab cost. I did not owe the $300. The bill was paid in full. Another $300 blessing to me.

In 15 minutes, God gave me a $600 dollar blessing.

I believe in “Give outside your life”!