One Grain of Sand

I think of people as the sand of the sea
Wondering which little grain could ever be me,
I look at the Pacific and it’s sandy shores,
The great Atlantic and it’s sand galore.

Walking the world and seeing it’s beaches,
As far as I can see the sand still reaches.
Yet if you took one out and made the test,
You would have to confess there is one grain less.

With four and one half billion of my kind,
Where would you hope this one grain to find.
And while you look the looker might sigh,
To find this one grain in the lookers eye.

When you look at the sand and see it as such,
One little grain doesn’t seem to be much,
Where I am at and the place I fill,
(Let me speak a little bold),
It’s such as I am that makes up the whole.

I.H. Terry