I recently began to read some of the information the Devil is preaching on our High School and College campus’s.  It is information designed to misguide and destroy the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This heresy I am describing is called Zeitgeist, the spirit of the age.

More importantly it is blatant lies!

These liars, these new agers, these voices of hell, these prophets of Mithraism, are declaring that Jesus Christ is a re-cyclyed type of other saviors.

They have produced a movie and posted it on youtube and this blasphemous movie has had over two million views.

The prohets of Zeitgeist lie when they declare Jesus is the same as Horus the sun God, Ishtar, Mithra, and other man made dieties.

  • They lie when they say all of these “saviors” were born on December 25.
  • They lie when they say they all had 12 followers.
  • They lie when they say all of these saviors were born of a virgin.
  • They lie when they say all these saviors were resurrected.
  • They lie when they say all these saviors were baptized.
  • They lie when they say the three Kings were just stars in the sky.
And these are but a few of their lies!
I personally took time to read on each of their points and they are blatantly false! What they say is simply not true.  They boldly lie!
The tragedy of this whole subject is there are some misguided eternal souls who will believe a lie and be damned!
Jesus Christ……the true Zeitgeist!
  • Was born of a virgin.
  • Had twelve followers.
  • Was crucified.
  • Resurrected from the dead.
  • Ascended to heaven.
  • Is returning to earth again.
  • Is the savior of the world!
Jesus Christ is the true  Zeitgeist, the spirit of the age!
Jesus Christ  has been the Zeitgeist of every age for two thousand years.
He  wll be the Zeitgeist for all of eternity.
Jesus Christ will return to earth and will judge every person who has ever lived.  He will prove himself to be the true Zeitgeist, the Spirit of the age!
Thanks for reading today!