Jerusalem Gazette: Thousands of children murdered!

The Gazette has learned through informed sources that before dawn today soldiers of Herod’s army began the massacre of thousands of small children. The murders have been literally from house to house. All the children killed are young, in fact none have been over two years old.

In attempting to find out what is behind this unprecedented horror, we have asked Herod to make a statement. At ten this morning Herod’s press secretary read a statement from the King.

It stated that recently there had been a formal request to see the King from a group of Magi. These wise men had journeyed from the east for approximately 18 months in search of the King of the Jews.

Their claim was that they were astrologers and were following a star that reportedly was to lead them to the King of the Jews. Herod took them serious. There were about forty Magi in the group, the normal number that travel in these troupes. The Magi claimed they had gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Herod complimented the Magi and requested when they found the new King, that they inform him so he also could go and worship him.

An unidentified source informed us that Herod was livid. After the magi left he went into a tirade. No one would take his Kingdom from him that he had spent years developing in conjunction with Rome. He was the rightful King of the Jews! He had Caesar’s guarantee!

Our source also informs us there was a heated family argument on how to handle this recent threat to the Herod’s throne. Antipas, Philip, and Herodias all put forth different ideas. After long and acrimonious debate, it seems Archalaeus won out. It was he who put forth the simple solution.

Well, he said slowly, there is one sure way to rid us of this threat. All eyes centered on Archalaeus, he took a deep breath and said, just slay all the male children under two years old. Our sources say it was as if the air left the room. The enormity of the idea was nauseating. Even the ruthless Herod clan was speechless. All eyes were on the floor. For many minutes no one said anything.

Herod stood and left the room.

Before dawn today the soldiers of Herod began the massacre that is to eliminate any future King of the Jews.

Our latest news states somewhere around ten thousand young children have been murdered.

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