1.1-3 We are not privy to know which Obadiah in the scripture this is, or if he is any of those listed in the Bible. The importance here is not the messenger, but rather the message. God does not leave out or hide details to be evasive. God chooses to put in the details He sees necessary. The issue is concerning Edom, the lineage of Esau. As Edom rises to battle against his brother Israel, God rises to battle against Edom. God made Edom small and despised. God exposed the pride of Edom’s heart to the world. God pulled away Edom’s bogus safety of the high craggy cliffs of Petra. Edom has ascended not only the rocky heights of Petra, but like Lucifer he climbed the heights of pride. This pinnacle will always cause a fall.
1.4-6 By man’s standard Esau’s descendants were very high and secure. By God’s standard, they were just another foolish pride to be cast down. The almighty lets them know his battle with them will leave no prisoners and give no quarter. Thieves or robbers would not utterly destroy, they would only take the valuables. God needs no valuables. God is not there to plunder. If men were gathering grapes, they would leave some behind. God has no such intentions. God has tolerated this feud for generations and now the judgment falls. One of the most poetic and focused moments in scripture is penned by an unknown author in an unknown time. “How are the things of Esau searched out?” The original language speaks of secret things. This goes far beyond visible things. Esau is about to be removed forever. The only thing left will be a vague memory of a once proud people.

1.7-9 the striping of Edom will include his confederates. Those he sought laughter and solace in will now oppose him and Edom will feel the lash of their derision. Edom is now going to feel the stab in the back he has subjected Jacob to. Jesus confirmed this in His teaching, “with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged”. The wise and mighty men of Edom are now cut off by slaughter and a violent death.

1.10-14 the violence you have dispensed now overwhelms you Edom. You drink of the cup you have served for generations. The sword you wielded will now execute you. God documents His verdict on Edom. Edom stood by and watched as his brother Jacob was attacked and bloodied. This points to our obligation to help our brother. This is illustrated in the New Testament by the parable of the good samaritan. Jesus asked the pointed question “who is my neighbor”. God set down a principal that if you refuse to help your brother when he is in need you are not absolved of guilt. The calamity of a brother reaches into our realm of responsibility. We are our brother’s keeper.

1.15-16 divine retribution continues to be the pronounced edict of God on Edom. As you have done to others, so shall it be done to you. The day has come, judgment has arrived. Edom chose their reward by how they lived. This is the universal principal of God. Man chooses his judgment, God only pronounces it. You will drink what you have served others.

1.17-18 the promise of Jacob’s triumph. After centuries of letting the scales seem out of balance, God now reassures the world judgment will arrive in due time. It will flow from God’s chosen people. Esau and all his offspring will eventually be usurped by Jacob and his offspring. Jacob will be a fire and Esau will be stubble, and none shall remain of the house of Esau.

1.19-20 the spoil of war will be bequeathed upon Jacob’s offspring. The final verdict is pronounced. Edom you are forever judged, Jacob you are forever blessed. 

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