I recently heard Rev Robert Davis preach a message on “The Survivors Club”.  In the  last part of the message he spoke on the autopsy of a survivor.  With his permission, I share his final points of that outstanding sermon.

1. How they worship.

2. How they respond to preaching.

3. Where you sit in church.

4. When they arrive for church.

5.When they depart the service.

6. How they feel about their pastor.

7. How they feel about their church members.

8. How faithful they are to church.

9. Who they fellowship with.

10. Their attraction to the altar.

If you autopsy a survivor, you would find they worship fervently and consistently.  They respond positively to preaching. They sit where they will not be distracted. They arrive early and are never the first to leave.  They honor, love, and respect their leader. They defend their church members when others criticize. They are faithful to all church activities and services. They fellowship strong, godly people and avoid the gossiping, carnal crowd. They are quick to seek the altar and not in a hurry to leave, knowing this is the anchor of their spiritual life.

What would your autopsy reveal?

Thanks for reading today…