Hebrews 5.11.14

5.11-14 for the first time the author seems to be disappointed in these wavering Christians. He appears to want to say more of Melchizedek and Christ but senses they are dull of hearing and immature. Dull here is nothros and means sluggish or lazy. The author fears their sluggish, lazy approach to Christianity will cause them to go back to Judaism. They could allow the priest in Judaism to make all decisions for them and Christianity demanded they grow into maturity. The author warns those who do that are nepios (an infant, a simple minded person). In the closing verse of this chapter the writer uses the word exercised. The Greek here is gumnazo (to practice, to train). This is the contrast of work and completion of work. The author is again stressing we do not work to earn salvation, but we work, train, practice to enter into this rest Christ has provided. In 1 Corinthians 9.24 the Apostle Paul likens this Christian walk to running a race. This will be the continued ideology in chapter six, we must move forward and grow up in all things in Christ. These Christians must leave the basic doctrines of a Nepios and move on to the knowledge and fullness of Christ

May we all strive to grow up in God to the fullness of the stature of Christ.

Keep growing my friend!