WARNING! This post may cause people to be offended at my statements! I am serious.  I make no apology so read on at your own risk.

Several times this year, and over the last forty years, I have heard people say that God has lead them to change their beliefs.  They have informed me personally that God has directed them to change beliefs they have held for years.  They have emphatically stated that God has led them to a more mature stand.  They have said God directed their life and no longer requires them to live under the same holiness standards they held for years.
They have told me that God directed them to allow their women to cut their hair, begin to wear pants, wear gold and other jewelry, use cosmetics, attend worldly ball games and professional sports events.  Each time they have assured me God was the source and approval of these actions.
WARNING.  The next few statements are offensive to people who say these things.  WARNING. Do not read on if you are easily offended!
God did not tell you to take this road or make these decisions.    That is right, I said God DID NOT tell you to do this or approve of you doing it!  There is not one example in the entire Bible where this occurred.  God never one time in the Holy Bible instructed people to live with lesser standards of outward holiness.  That’s right, not once. If you say that, you, as the old Bishop on the radio used to say “if any man be sayin that he be lyin on God”.
There are repeated instances of God telling people and nations to repent, change their lives and be more holy.  In fact every recorded revival in the Bible was preceded by this injunctive.  More holiness, repentance, and drawing closer to God was always, without exception the path to revival.  In the Old Testament men like Josiah and Hezekiah prove this.  In the New Testament men like Paul and Peter prove this.  People never had revival by modernizing, and becoming like the contemporary religious set.
You may decide to allow women to wear men’s attire, put on gold and jewelry, attend worldly sports events, and let down the standards of holiness.  But I assure you, God DID NOT tell you to do that!
If you are offended, remember I told you not to read this.  One last time…WARNING….God never told anyone in the history of the world to live a lesser standard of holiness. 
To the friends I have left after reading this post….Thanks for reading today!