How to stand in a slippery place.

There are some keys to living for God.

For example, here is a simple short checklist to ask yourself.

What do you listen to? Gospel music or worldly music?
What is your hobby? Games?
What do you read?
How do you spend spare time?

How is your prayer life?
Do you fast? When? ( Emergency only?)
Do you build spiritual resistance and muscle?

Do you think about heaven or the world?
Who are your friends?
When you come to church do you give it your best?
Who is your best friend?
Are there any secrets in your life you are hiding?
Is there secret sin in your life?
Are you consistent or up and down?

You stand in a slippery place by:
Being consistent,
Removing secret sin,
Make godly people your friends,
Giving your best at church,
Thinking about heaven and God,
Fasting and praying,
Using your spare time for godly things instead of carnal things,
Reading good things,
Listening to encouraging music about God and salvation.

So many people won’t pray, listen to worldly music, read worldly books, run with sinners, spend hours on you tube or social media, and then wonder why living for God is a struggle?

Who do you feed, your flesh or your spiritual man?

When you develop good spiritual habits you will stand in a slippery place!

Thanks for reading today!