Yesterday in Alabama a wonderful happened that I wanted to share with you.

Pastor Chris Teeples told me of this sign/miracle this morning.

They have had a man with Jewish heritage visit their church once a month while he travels.

This man has come several times.

This gentleman says that he is of the linage of the tribe of Levi.

Yesterday he visited, and while the church was praying, this man began to hear someone in Alabama speak rapid, fluent Japanese.

He was startled because he is fluent in Japanese along with some other languages as well.

This Jewish man has attended several times and Pastor Teeples has taught that Jesus is the true messiah and that Jesus is God!

So here is the picture…This Jewish man, well traveled, visits a country church in rural Alabama, and there the great God of heaven speaks to him in a way that he cannot deny.

He hears in very rapid, fluent Japanese, “Turn to the right path and get in the center of the path.  This is the light”.

He was amazed and thought for sure they were trying to trick him.

The problem is no one in that church speaks Japanese.  They were speaking in tongues!

So for all those who think signs and wonders were only for those in the Bible days,  here is a modern day, current, sign and wonder!

Thanks for reading today!