We have all been there.  Two people.  Both swearing they are telling the truth.  No way they are both telling it right.  Someone is lying!

How do you know?

Ziba said Mephibosheth hopes you get what is coming to you David for taking the Kingdom from my father.  David responds on the fly, ok, all his lands now belong to you Ziba.

Later, after Absalom’s demise, the crippled Mephibosheth says Ziba lied on him.  He says I asked Ziba to saddle my donkey so I could go with you David. (2 Samuel 19.24).

Again David answers immediately.  Ok, you two divide the land between you.

Seems unfair somewhere to me.  Either way a liar gets half the land.  Someone made out like a bandit.

Either Ziba told the truth and then lost half the land because Mephibosheth lied, or Mephibosheth lost half his lands because Ziba lied.

Life just ain’t fair folks!

And to top it off, the Holy Spirit just leaves it there forever.  Just hanging there for us to scratch our heads and wonder.  We still do not know who was lying!

Ever scratch your head and wonder?  Ever walk away and say man I just do not know?

Sometimes it seems like liars win.

Revelation 21.8 has something to say about this.  Check it out.

Thanks for reading today!